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lily hook is a canadian-lebanese genderqueer visual artist and independent researcher. she studied film, contemporary art and gender studies in france and holds a master’s degree in contemporary art and new media. her artistic practices question the imprints of fiction on bodies (present or absent), archives and relics, gender and sexual fluidity, autofiction, family mythologies, and diasporic displacement. always in conversation, her art and researches are fueled with decolonial theories, queer politics, and spirituality.

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2019 conversation; i wish you'd hear my story - FRONTIÈRE/S - Prenez ce Couteau, Saint-Denis, France

2019 conversation; i wish you'd hear my story - Festival A Corps Voulus, Bordeaux, France

2018 conversation; i wish you'd hear my story - Mark for Redaction - Flux Gallery, New York, USA

2017 Skin Deep - Chouftouhonna – Tunis International Feminist Art Festival, Tunisia

2017 Out There - Mushi Mushi 7 – Queer festival, Nantes, France

2014 #infijaar #HASHTAG - Mashup Film Festival – Forum des Images, Paris, France

2013 The Suitcase Autopsy, VIOLENCE INDEED - INALCO and Université Paris 7, Paris, France

2019 Festival A Corps Voulus - Bordeaux
Conversation with Eva Rodriguez on Witches&Cyborgs

2017 Queer Week - Paris
Panel on the figure of the witch, with Isabelle Cambourakis and Camille Ducellier at La Colonie. 

2014 Festival du Film de Fesses - Paris
Conference about the echoes between pornography and contemporary art, from Gerard Damiano's Deep Throat (1972) to Mona Hatoum's Deep Throat (1996).

2020 Za’faraan #3 - queer Arab zine My Mother’s Daughter collages

2019 Project #ShowUs - collaboration with GirlGaze, Dove and GettyImages (info)

2019 Dardishi #1 - Arab womxn artists zine My Mother’s Daughter collages

2018 Queerasse #2 - a French QTBIPOC zine - collage piece

2017 Friction Magazine – interview for Out There Project

2017 "Our Stories" Collaboration with Montreal LGBTQ+ community center and McGill Community Engagement Day

2017 Revue esse art + opinion Fall 2017 - LGBT+ Portfolio on Kama La Mackerel

2017 Revue AssiégéEs #2 March 2017 Portfolio -
Afrofeminist Marching band 30 Nuances de Noir(es)

2016 Plump Magazine #8 May 2016 – Fashion editorial "La Rue est à nous"

2015 Sacha Kimmes Lingerie designer - Catalogues and lookbooks "Adama", "Water Lily", "Persephone"

2014 Plump Magazine #5 January 2014 – Fashion editorial "A Very Special Day"

2013 Plump Magazine #4 September 2013 – Fashion editorial "Little Black Dress"

2013 Parce que Magazine January 2013 – "The Suitcase Autopsy"

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